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  • The Democrats Need A Republican Campaign Manager

    The Democrats Need A Republican Campaign Manager

    5 years ago

    Two weeks before Election Day 2014, it would be perfectly reasonable for a sane person to stand on a busy street corner and shout, ‘Where the heck are the salesmen? -- especially if that sane person happened to be a Democrat. Even an Indie...

  • On Not Dying

    On Not Dying

    7 years ago

    WHEN THE DOORBELL RANG, I was surprised, as I wasn't expecting anyone. I surely wasn't expecting the Jehovah's Witnesses. We chatted very briefly, exchanging pleasantries, when they suddenly hit me with, "How would you like to live forever?" "That...

  • That Gal in the Kitchen

    That Gal in the Kitchen

    7 years ago

    Some years back, John Lennon sang, "Happiness is a warm gun..." He was being ironical of course, quoting the cover headline of a gun magazine and gently mocking it. Happiness is not a warm gun. Happiness is a hot babe in the kitchen, happily...

  • Hot Tub Zen: Enlightened Sexuality

    Hot Tub Zen: Enlightened Sexuality

    7 years ago

    THE MAXIMUM DELICIOUS TUMULT of all creation filled the space in between their physical love, and their sweat, and all their rising-falling dream breaths, and with the wild he of it and the the wild she of it, and all of it, and then none of it,...

  • They're Coming to Take Your Cars Away!

    They're Coming to Take Your Cars Away!

    7 years ago

    ON THE NATIONAL NEWS the other night they covered an ongoing national story. Well over a thousand people had gathered in downtown Biloxi chanting, "They're coming to take our cars away! They're coming to take our cars away!" Similar size crowds...

  • Moishe Matzsos, the Man Who Cut Corners, and How He Fought Abnormally Dense Traffic

    Moishe Matzsos, the Man Who Cut Corners, and How He Fought Abnormally Dense Traffic

    7 years ago

    There are ways to be efficient in your everyday dealings, and then there is time management genius. Genius in orders of sheer magnitude – Richter scale genius, close to a 9. A tidy man with an uncharacteristically untidy desk, Moishe Matzsos was...

  • Terra Firma

    Terra Firma

    7 years ago

    IF THERE IS WHOLESALE REINCARNATION, I want to come back here. I love the earth. Find me in a large open space, on a wide stretch of beach, in the center of the ocean's circle, on a rocky mesa, or any place where there is naught but patch and sky...

  • The Burn

    The Burn

    7 years ago

    IT'S NOT WHAT ONE WOULD CHOOSE TO DO so very early in the morning, but then if you live long enough almost anything can happen, and often enough, at some point, it just does. It was early September, his son's second day of high school, and the man...

  • It’s The End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

    It’s The End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

    7 years ago

    LATE AFTERNOON, SUNDAY, MID-OCTOBER 2012. It’s a gorgeous day, and I’m leaving Whole Foods, that bastion of hardy, healthy, organic food stuffs -- and Liberalism – and I exit right behind a taller, thin guy well into his 50s with a tousled...

  • The Lads

    The Lads

    5 years ago

    by Ken Taub THE GREAT GREEN ISLAND WAS ON FIRE. The Germans bombed Britain and Ireland night after night for over seven months. Between September 7, 1940 and May 16, 1941 there were seemingly endless tons of explosives dropped on the civilian...


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