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  • The Ultimate List of Recipe Software

    The Ultimate List of Recipe Software

    8 years ago

    Whether you're a professional chef or a total beginner in the kitchen, recipe software can save you time, space, and money in the kitchen. In addition to storing and organizing your recipes, many recipe software programs offer extra features such...

  • 11

    List of Seasonal Small Business Ideas

    4 months ago

    Starting a seasonal small business is a flexible way to earn extra money when you need it. You can run a business a few months of the year and take the rest of the year off to relax or pursue other career goals or opportunities.

  • The Ultimate List of Small Business Ideas

    The Ultimate List of Small Business Ideas

    3 years ago

    Rego Korosi Whether you've always dreamed of starting a business of your own, or you've become frustrated after a long and unsuccessful job hunt and decided to go independent, deciding what kind of small business to start is the first and one of the...

  • Why Hunting Is Bad For the Environment

    Why Hunting Is Bad For the Environment

    9 years ago

    Hunters often cloak themselves in environmental rhetoric, but all too often, they are responsible for destroying nature, not protecting it.

  • Top Ten Environmental Concerns of the 21st Century

    Top Ten Environmental Concerns of the 21st Century

    2 years ago

    What are the top ten environmental problems facing the world today? A recent scientific paper published in Nature attempted to answer this question, with a twist. The Earth has spent roughly the last 12,000 years in a period of unusual climate...

  • Inspirational Tree Quotes

    Inspirational Tree Quotes

    10 years ago

    Enjoy more than 50 inspirational quotes about trees

  • Xeriscaping Basics For Midwestern Gardeners

    Xeriscaping Basics For Midwestern Gardeners

    10 years ago

    Many people associate the term xeriscaping with desert landscapes, but the principles of xeriscaping are just as useful in the Midwest as they are in the drier Southwest. Using the principles of xeriscaping, Midwestern gardeners can design...

  • Famous Nebraska Authors: A Literary Tour of Nebraska

    Famous Nebraska Authors: A Literary Tour of Nebraska

    9 years ago

    The beautiful scenery and fascinating culture and history of Nebraska have inspired many great authors. Red Cloud, Nebraska We'll start our tour of literary Nebraska in south-central Nebraska in the small town of Red Cloud, home of Willa Cather...

  • The Dumbest Things People Say To Vegetarians and Vegans

    The Dumbest Things People Say To Vegetarians and Vegans

    9 years ago

    Most vegetarians and vegans have to put up with a lot of questions about their diets from curious omnivores. Some of these questions are the result of legitimate (if perhaps ignorant) curiosity, such as "Do you need to take supplements?" or "Do...

  • 14

    Types of Vegetarianism: Which Is Right for You?

    3 years ago

    The vegetarian lifestyle is more popular than ever, but there are still many misconceptions about what vegetarians and vegans do and do not eat. This article will help you understand the terminology.

  • Natural Menorrhagia Treatment: Home Remedies for Heavy Periods

    Natural Menorrhagia Treatment: Home Remedies for Heavy Periods

    9 years ago

    Menorrhagia, or heavy menstrual bleeding, affects many women at some point during their lives. For some, it may be a temporary problem; others will experience heavy periods every month for many years. Menstrual bleeding is generally considered...

  • Edible Native Plants of the Great Plains

    Edible Native Plants of the Great Plains

    10 years ago

    The Plains Indian tribes of North America are best known for their reliance on the American bison for food, clothing, housing, tools, and more, but in fact they ate a varied and interesting mix of wild fruits and vegetables in addition to the bison...

  • Estrogen Dominance in Men: Causes, Effects, and How To Avoid It

    Estrogen Dominance in Men: Causes, Effects, and How To Avoid It

    9 years ago

    Estrogen dominance is a growing health concern for people around the world. Although it is more common in women than men, it can also affect men, causing such problems as infertility, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, and certain types of...

  • Cash Crops for Small Farms: Rabbit Manure

    Cash Crops for Small Farms: Rabbit Manure

    9 years ago

    Family farmers, homesteaders, and even suburbanites can earn extra money with packaged rabbit manure. Rabbit manure is considered to be one of the best manures for gardens. It has one of the highest levels of nitrogen of any animal manure...

  • 32

    How to Repel Ticks Naturally

    16 months ago

    Learn how to keep ticks away with some natural methods.

  • Reduce Rabbit Hutch Maintenance With Worm Bins

    Reduce Rabbit Hutch Maintenance With Worm Bins

    9 years ago

    Whether you keep rabbits as pets, for show, or for meat and fur, you can reduce rabbit hutch maintenance by incorporating worm bins into your hutch design. Rabbits produce a lot of manure for their size (a large doe with young can produce about...

  • 120

    How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally

    3 years ago

    Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insect pests alive. Learn all about abating them naturally, without pesticides and chemicals.

  • 9

    Rare and Endangered Sheep Breeds

    2 years ago

    Heritage sheep breeds are good choices for small flocks because they are typically hardier and more self-sufficient than many commercial breeds. Unfortunately, many heritage breeds are now rare. Keeping a flock of heritage sheep not only offers the...

  • 11

    How to Attract Snakes to Your Garden

    4 months ago

    They may have a bad reputation, but snakes can actually be beneficial additions to your garden. For instance, they'll happily take care of various rodent and insect problems. This guide will help you attract these oft-misunderstood slithering creatures to your garden.

  • 23

    How to Do Jigsaw Puzzles Like an Expert: 6 Tips

    4 months ago

    Jigsaw puzzles are a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby that is also good for your brain! They build great spatial reasoning and logic skills. They also make a wonderful family activity, especially on long winter nights.

  • 11

    Attracting Frogs and Toads to Your Garden

    17 months ago

    Frogs and toads make a very useful addition to your garden. With the spread of pollution in the water, their presence is ever-dwindling. Here is how you can create a beneficial symbiotic relationship by lending them a helping hand.

  • Native Trees of Nebraska

    Native Trees of Nebraska

    9 years ago

    Planting native trees has many benefits over naturalized and exotic trees in the harsh continental climate of Nebraska. Because native trees evolved in Nebraska, they are adapted to extreme heat, extreme cold, wind, drought, and even flooding. Once...

  • What is Your Gender Identity?

    What is Your Gender Identity?

    3 years ago

    When most people think of gender identity, they are really thinking about biological sex. Actually, sex and gender are very different things. When you describe your sex, what you are really describing is your "plumbing," so to speak. Do you have...

  • The Truth About Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

    The Truth About Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

    9 years ago

    Himalayan crystal salt lamps are carved from natural Himalayan salt crystals, which are prized for their purity and clarity. There are many claims of health benefits from Himalayan crystal salt lamps, but are they true?

  • 11

    Magnesium for Menstrual Health

    2 years ago

    Among the many health problems magnesium plays a role in curing are menstrual cramps and certain other symptoms of PMS.

  • Reducing Exposure to Xenoestrogens

    Reducing Exposure to Xenoestrogens

    9 years ago

    Excessive levels of the hormone estrogen, also known as estrogen dominance, are associated with many health problems. One of the most common causes of estrogen dominance is a class of compounds known as xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens (literally...

  • Attracting Wild Turkeys, Quail, Pheasant, and Grouse

    Attracting Wild Turkeys, Quail, Pheasant, and Grouse

    11 years ago

    Whether you want to watch them or hunt them, attracting gallinaceous birds - turkey, pheasant, quail, and grouse - to your yard or acreage is surprisingly easy. Gallinaceous birds need relatively large ranges, so you are most likely to see them...

  • Living Machines

    Living Machines

    11 years ago

    The bathroom of the future may resemble a greenhouse more than a lavatory. As cities around the world struggle with wastewater management problems, there is growing interest in a new-old form of wastewater management called living machines. ("Living...

  • Health Secrets of the Plains Indians

    Health Secrets of the Plains Indians

    6 years ago

    Despite the wars and hardship they experienced, and the constant threat of smallpox and other epidemics, the nutrition of the nomadic Plains Indians tribes was among the very best in the world. Average height is an excellent measure of the general...

  • 116

    How to Care for a Pet Praying Mantis

    14 months ago

    Praying mantids make beautiful and fascinating pets. In their behavior and mannerisms, they are like uncuddly cats—fastidiously clean, curious, and predatory. Unlike cats, you can't really pet them—here's how to care for a mantis pet.

  • 90

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Clover Lawns

    17 months ago

    As water and energy prices rise, many people are seeking alternatives to the traditional, thirsty, labor-intensive American lawn. Here are the pros and cons of letting clover grow in your lawn.

  • A Simple Victorian Hairstyle

    A Simple Victorian Hairstyle

    11 years ago

    The elegant and elaborate hairstyles fashionable in Victorian times are famous for their beauty, but few modern women have the time or assistance to recreate the fanciest styles of the era. However, modern women can still recreate the elegance of...

  • Raising Lamb for the Muslim Market

    Raising Lamb for the Muslim Market

    12 years ago

    There is a growing ethnic meat market in the United States, including Jewish, Muslim, Mexican, and Eastern Orthodox/Middle Eastern Christian communities. The ethnic market has very different requirements from the conventional American market,...

  • 48

    Bee, Wasp, or Yellow Jacket?

    16 months ago

    I have to confess, it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people call wasps and yellow jackets "bees." Read on to learn how to distinguish these species from one another.

  • 76

    Ten Reasons To Drool Over Jared Padalecki

    2 years ago

    Oh, Jared, Jared, I have to confess I was a little slower to warm up to you than your co-star, but you have long since won me over. Like Jensen, there are a lot of things we fans... appreciate about Jared Tristan Padalecki. This page is a...

  • 126

    Ten Reasons to Drool Over Jensen Ackles

    2 years ago

    Jensen Ackles, how do we love thee, let us count the ways....

  • Prairie Dogs: Keystone Species of the Plains

    Prairie Dogs: Keystone Species of the Plains

    9 years ago

    Prairie Dogs have long been vilified by ranchers and others who believe that they damage the range and take valuable forage away from cattle and other livestock. In fact, prairie dogs are what is known as a keystone species, a species whose very...

  • 14

    Bison Ranching for Beginners

    4 months ago

    Bison is the fastest-growing meat market in the United States today, as more and more consumers discover the delicious taste and many health and environmental benefits of bison meat. Read on to learn about the basics of bison ranching.

  • 8

    Does Soy Relieve Menstrual Cramps?

    2 years ago

    In recent years, there has been some controversy in the medical community over the benefits of soy and soy products for women's health, especially menstrual health. As a long-time sufferer of severe menstrual cramps, I have been following the debate...

  • 102

    Home Remedies for Painful Periods

    2 years ago

    Discover tried-and-true home remedies for painful periods.


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