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Kevin McConaghy (the “h” is silent) is a freelance writer and recovering advertising account executive who officially lives in Dallas, Texas. He is 29 years old, has been married 0 times and was once kicked in the face by a bull. A small one. In his spare time, he likes to travel around the country in his old pickup, Larry; go camping and kayaking; and figure out more ways to incorporate the word “hence” into his writing. He is semi-omniscient (he knows a few things, but not everything), gets along well with 2-year-olds, and sometimes refers to himself in the third person. You can find his musings about life, America, and everything at The Hitchhiker’s Guide to America, www.hitchhikersguide2america.com.

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  • How to Win the Lottery

    How to Win the Lottery

    10 years ago

    I heard someone ask, "How do you win the lottery?", as if there were a strategy you could follow to guarantee success in a game of blind luck. After some consideration, though, I realized that there was a good answer to...

  • Things to See and Do In Northwest Oklahoma

    Things to See and Do In Northwest Oklahoma

    16 months ago

    Northwest Oklahoma is Great Plains country. Go ahead and admit it: plains sound, well, plain, and not very interesting. With buried treasure, the Sahara desert, and the occasional air raid on the town square, northwest...

  • Things to see and do in Southeast Oklahoma

    Things to see and do in Southeast Oklahoma

    8 years ago

    Let's face it: Oklahoma is not a tourist Mecca. It has no 14,000-foot mountain peaks, no oceanfront beaches, and no giant world-renowned cities. It never has and never will. The only time a great rush of outsiders were...