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Born 10-06-1969, Mesquite (Dallas),TX. Went to school in Plano and Mesquite. In high school took band and ROTC. Was both an honors band French Horn player as well as squad leader and supply seargent in ROTC.

After high school, took drawing class at Eastfield, then moved on to Court Reporting Institute of Dallas. Quickly became bored and quit.

Worked in the seurity field for ten years, First as a night patrol officer then moved up into management.

Got tired of that, worked in construction as a painter. Tried my own painting company...failed to get enough customers..

Got into courier business, then later PC repair field. Been working those off and on for a while as contracts allow..

Then before you know it, you're nearly 40, asking, "What the Hell just happened??"

I enjoy crappie fishing, football and tinkering with electronic and mechanical things.

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