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Hi! I have the Master of Divinity degree from Trinity College, University of Toronto. Studying Divinity means that I hope to be a clergyman sooner rather than later, hopefully in the Anglican Church of Canada.

I'll probably be starting Doctoral Studies this fall. I'll stay in Toronto but start a research degree in Theology at University of Birmingham, UK.

I consider Winnipeg, MB my hometown, though I was born in Toronto and raised in the Calgary, AB area.

My interests include:

Theology of all sorts: especially about the Incarnation, the Trinity, and human sexuality.

Reading: theology, philosophy, gender/queer theory, fantasy (especially the Wheel of Time), science fiction (like the Star Trek novels), gay fiction.

Writing: Essays (yep, I'm one of those sick individuals!), short stories, poetry, journaling. I've joined the National Novel Writing Month for the past few years. I love to get feedback on my ideas, and critiques that help me improve my writing.

TV (though I usually watch it online when I get around to it): Star Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT), Battlestar Galactica (New Series), Defying Gravity, Gossip Girl, gay subplots on soap operas, Glee, True Blood, Vampire Diaries.

Going for coffee: I'm actually more of a hot chocolate guy, myself, but sitting down for a good conversation is one of the greatest small pleasures that life offers.

Quirks about me:

32. Gay. I live with Cerebral Palsy. I don't know Toronto very well yet, even after three years! I'd love to keep practicing my French and eventually become bilingual. I love chocolate...so much! I'm an Anglican, but wasn't raised in that tradition. I am learning about chakras and healing prayer. Preaching sermons is a blast. People say I think in paragraphs at the shortest and essays at the longest. I want to be a writer "when I grow up." I hope I can be an adult without becoming a grown-up! I'm a Gleek.

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