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Well, some things have changed in the 2 years and 7 months since I wrote this profile. Xomba is no longer earning any money online for me and eHow no longer allows writing for residual income.

I am interested in investing in stocks, options, and precious metals. I also enjoy playing golf and softball. I am a football, racing, and hockey fan as well. These are just a few of the topics I will write about.

I have started a blog about my experience of making money online. I plan on making weekly posts about what I am learning and what I am earning. I continue to write here, but probably not as often as I should.

I started a second blog about investing in real assets. I think it will give me a way to engage in a little more discussion than would be available via an article format. I really don't write at this blog anymore.

Those two blogs are on blogger and don't earn a lot of money.

If you really want to make money online, I would suggest started your own self-hosted blog. I use Hostgator and have a blog called Cash Flow Mantra which has made more money for me in six months than HubPages has earned in over 2 years. Not knocking HubPages, but just stating facts.

As a result, I have started a second blog which will launch Jan. 2, 2012. It is called Grand Per Month and will share ideas and tips for making an extra $1000 per month in your spare time. The three of us working on the blog have all been able to make an extra grand per month.

I started a third self-hosted blog with the help of many contributing authors. The plan is to publish daily posts about personal financial topics at Penny Thots. Be sure to check it out.

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