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Welcome to my profile. I don't look crazy, do I? My teenagers think I am in the middle of a mid-life crisis. I am sure they would be apoligizing profusely to you right now for my erratical behavior. The way I see it is simple: I finally decided to call "shot gun", slid over to the passenger seat, and let our higher power get us heading down the right road to success.

I am a single mom blessed with three lovely teenagers. After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in 1998, I went to work full time at our local health department as a disease investigator. Through a lot of hard work and pasted smiles, I worked my way up to Clinic Coordinator of HIV/STD Services. I love my job and always thought that I would work there until I retired. It is funny how life throws curve balls, even if one had to smack me square on the forehead to open my eyes. In 2011, I lost both my parents to health conditions. They were not only my entire support network, but also a great "spouse replacement". I never realized how much I relied on them until their loss began to take a toll on my physically and mentally. By 2012, my ability to balance work-life was suffering. My work performance slipped drastically and I engulfed by exhaustion and overwhelm. Unfortunately I could not demote or reduce hours because of my supervisory position. After experiencing a serious physical "scare", I was left to make the toughest decision of my life. Quit my career or sell my kids.

After many unsuccessful classified ads and a few CPS calls (just kidding), I realized my kids weren't going to sell. In October 2012, I walked away from my 75,000 annual salary and took a leap of faith into the great unknown, with only my higher power as my parachute.

I won't sugar coat it and tell you it was easy. I wont even say that it was the right answer. What I will admit is that it is an absolute eye opener. After taking the time needed to heal, I am now in the process of looking to go back to work. I am also an advocate for social justice among singleparent households and feel strongly that America needs to face the crisis of raising our kids in a society that relies on double incomes. I love humor, anything related to the upcoming zombie apocolypse, am grateful for my ADHD, and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.

My motto: We are all just people helping people in this big world we call life.

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