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Kimbergram profile image

Kimberlee Ingram (Kimbergram)

Joined 5 years ago from Lakewood, WA




Also follow me on:

Welcome to my profile. I don't look crazy, do I? My teenagers think I am in the middle of a mid-life crisis. I am sure they would be apoligizing profusely to you right now for my erratical behavior. The way I see it is simple: I finally decided to call "shot gun", slid over to the passenger seat, and let our higher power get us heading down the right road to success.

I am a single mom blessed with three lovely teenagers. After obtaining my Bachelor's degree in 1998, I went to work full time at our local health department as a disease investigator. Through a lot of hard work and pasted smiles, I worked my way up to Clinic Coordinator of HIV/STD Services. I love my job and always thought that I would work there until I retired. It is funny how life throws curve balls, even if one had to smack me square on the forehead to open my eyes. In 2011, I lost both my parents to health conditions. They were not only my entire support network, but also a great "spouse replacement". I never realized how much I relied on them until their loss began to take a toll on my physically and mentally. By 2012, my ability to balance work-life was suffering. My work performance slipped drastically and I engulfed by exhaustion and overwhelm. Unfortunately I could not demote or reduce hours because of my supervisory position. After experiencing a serious physical "scare", I was left to make the toughest decision of my life. Quit my career or sell my kids.

After many unsuccessful classified ads and a few CPS calls (just kidding), I realized my kids weren't going to sell. In October 2012, I walked away from my 75,000 annual salary and took a leap of faith into the great unknown, with only my higher power as my parachute.

I won't sugar coat it and tell you it was easy. I wont even say that it was the right answer. What I will admit is that it is an absolute eye opener. After taking the time needed to heal, I am now in the process of looking to go back to work. I am also an advocate for social justice among singleparent households and feel strongly that America needs to face the crisis of raising our kids in a society that relies on double incomes. I love humor, anything related to the upcoming zombie apocolypse, am grateful for my ADHD, and thank you all for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself.

My motto: We are all just people helping people in this big world we call life.

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    Halloween Fun On a Budget of One!

    17 months ago

    Being a single parent is especially challenging around the holidays and Halloween seems to kick off the season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas following close behind, it is easy to get caught up in the holiday stress...