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I am a happily married mother of three who recently left the workforce to stay at home with my third child. I have to admit it has not been easy and has taken some getting used to. My husband is the best he is hardworking and provides to best of his ability for his family and I love him with all my heart. I am a recent college graduate with an Associate's Degree in Accouting. However, I have not had any success in finding employment and childcare these days is outrageous!! So needless to say I am trying to find other ways to help support the family and I figured I would use my love for writing and sharing ideas to try an accomplish this.

I have not been doing this online writing thing long but I have learned a thing or two since starting out. I have learned to have a "if you scratch my back, I will scratch yours" attitude. When I say this I mean that we are all here (most of us) for the same reason: to earn money for our writing.

With that being said we should be willing to give a little to get a little. To be more specific I mean, if I like your Hub, or think that it is one that I know someone else may like, I plan to share it (I share on Facebook, twitter, Digg, etc.) and it would be beneficial if we all practiced this same attitude. If you read something here that you like, or feel someone else may enjoy or benefit from, then by all means SHARE IT!

By the way I have also just started something on Redgage.com...every little bit helps!

MrsK910's Content on RedGage

I have found RedGage to be very beneficial. As I have won a contest and have managed to get a couple of blogs featured (bonus$$) all within a month of joining! I would definitely recommend RedGage to anyone and everyone who is trying to earn money online with content from blogs to links to pictures and more. Some of my latest blogs include:

Pennies Add Up

Heartburn and Indigestion Home Remedies

Make Your Own Yogurt Cheese!

Check it out!

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