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    Talking About Religion and Spirituality in Therapy

    15 months ago

    Research demonstrates that there is a relationship between religion and spirituality and psychological health and functioning. The numbers show that religion and spirituality are important to most clients. Here's an in-depth look at why we should incorporate these elements into therapy.

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    Serotonin Syndrome (Toxicity)

    15 months ago

    Rates of serotonin syndrome are on the rise. Learn about symptoms, legal considerations, prevention steps, and the drugs associated with it.

  • Self Delusion and Deception: Maybe We're Not so Smart

    Self Delusion and Deception: Maybe We're Not so Smart

    3 years ago

    David McRaney, a journalist with interests in psychology and blogging learned about cognitive distortions and used narrative journalism to explore these distortions on his blog. His blog posts became part of his book, "You are Not so Smart" that is considered one of the best psychology books of...

  • How to Get out of a Cold Weather Slump

    How to Get out of a Cold Weather Slump

    3 years ago

    Understanding what causes a winter slump or “winter blues” helps us understand what we can do to feel better when we notice the symptoms and behaviors. Jen associates the slump with cold temperatures and Cara associates the slump with light and springtime. Both are aware that they seem to...

  • 38

    Admitting a Wrong: The Challenge and the Reward

    2 days ago

    Research can tell us why it's so hard for people to admit when they are wrong. Our biased brains convince us that we are right despite evidence to the contrary.

  • 29

    Live Longer and Better With Social Support

    3 years ago

    Whether we are recovering from an illness or we simply desire to live a longer and healthier life, we need social support. Learn why social support is important, and how we can build our networks.

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    Post-Traumatic Growth: Responding to Trauma With Resilience

    15 months ago

    Learn how people often respond to trauma with resilience and growth and how the Army helps soldiers recover from trauma through Resilience Training.

  • Coping with Holiday Eating and Weight Gain

    Coping with Holiday Eating and Weight Gain

    3 years ago

    Learn how much weight we really gain over the holidays and how much we exaggerate about weight gain. Learn ways to cope with holiday eating and different ways to think about the role of food during the holidays. Understand important principles of weight gain, weight loss and weight maintenance. ...

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    What Is Pica, and What Causes Those Odd Cravings?

    5 months ago

    Understand what causes cornstarch cravings and how important it is to get help before the problem progresses. Learn about other non-food cravings and the role nutrition plays.

  • New Psychiatric Medications in the Pipeline

    New Psychiatric Medications in the Pipeline

    5 years ago

    It takes 10-15 years and $1.3 billion to get a drug from the laboratory to a patient. There are currently about 300 medicines in the pipeline that are aimed at treating mental illness. If approved they offer high hopes for the treatment of mental illness and will have a significant impact on...

  • 22


    10 years ago

    Cleaning a garage or basement after a decade or more of accumulating junk, can be an overwhelming task. 1-800-GOT-JUNK can help make the job do-able. Learn more about 1-800-GOT-JUNK and our positive experience with the company.

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    Using Mindfulness Techniques in Substance Abuse Treatment

    15 months ago

    If there is an opposite of addiction, it might be mindfulness. While addiction often involves running from feelings and numbing pain, mindfulness involves learning to stay with and accept pain and discomfort. Practicing mindfulness skills during treatment can help maintain sobriety beyond treatment.

  • Relapse Prevention Group:  Reducing Stress

    Relapse Prevention Group: Reducing Stress

    4 years ago

    Join the group. Gain an inside view of a court ordered substance abuse treatment group as members explore stressors that can jeopardize their sobriety and interfere with their ability to stay in the "here and now."

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    Harsh Criticism vs. Caring Confrontation

    3 years ago

    Harsh criticism destroys relationships. Caring confrontation helps relationships flourish. People who use caring confrontation are generally more happy. Caring confrontation is a skill that can be learned to replace harsh criticism and improve relationships and quality of life.

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    Wet Brain: Thiamine, Diet, and Abstinence

    15 months ago

    The term “wet brain” is an informal (non-medical) term used to describe a number of irreversible, organic brain diseases related to alcohol that cause mental impairment and physical disabilities.

  • Relapse Prevention:  Holiday Edition

    Relapse Prevention: Holiday Edition

    4 years ago

    In order to maintain sobriety through the holidays, it is important to recognize holiday stressors and develop a clear plan for coping with them. Use the holiday stress quiz to assess your stress savvy and add the stress quiz widget to your website.

  • Managing Stress, Anger and Depression With Exercise

    Managing Stress, Anger and Depression With Exercise

    4 years ago

    Even a small amount of exercise each day can help manage stress and anger, reduce feelings of depression, improve mood, relieve lower back pain, and increase energy. A ten minute workout at home with an exercise ball, with or without hand weights can be an important part of any recovery or wellness...

  • 19

    Rejection, Health, and Mindfulness

    15 months ago

    There is a link between our feelings of rejection and our risk for health problems. Practicing mindfulness can help us cope with rejection and improve our immune system. With a quick glance at research and a crash course on mindfulness, we can develop better-coping techniques and better health.

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    Shocking News About Psychiatric Medications and Treatment

    5 years ago

    Many children and adults are not receiving treatment for very treatable mental health conditions because of false information and stigma related to mental illness and mental health. This article dispels myths and provides reliable information about current psychiatric medications and treatments. ...

  • 23

    The Johari Window: A Communication Tool to Improve Relationships

    15 months ago

    Use the Johari Window to increase self-awareness and self-esteem and to decrease anxiety. This communication tool can help improve relationships.

  • 30

    Relapse Prevention Skills

    4 years ago

    Relapse prevention skills are skills that help an addict or alcoholic anticipate and cope effectively with the very real potential for relapse. Learning to apply specific coping skills to preventing relapse or maintaining sobriety is relapse prevention.

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    Rational Living

    4 years ago

    In a previous article, "Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions," I presented some basic information about how thoughts, feelings and actions interact with each other; and how understanding this interaction will increase self awareness and ultimately...

  • 37

    Thoughts, Feelings and Actions

    3 years ago

    Learning how our thoughts, feelings and actions interact with each other is a key step toward self discovery and personal empowerment. Learning to identify and correct "faulty" thinking patterns can lead to a more effective and fulfilling life. By changing the way we think, we change the way we...


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