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I am an web developer cum programmer working in a private sector, with a passion for writing. The tragedies in life could not dent my spirit as I could always come out as a winner. I love to surf on the net and my hobbies are reading, writing, sketching and sleeping.

I had become deaf when I was 24, due to a severe bout of meningitis and encephalitis. After 11 years in silence, I came back into the world of sound again through a cochlear implant.

Although life cannot be the same as it was before, I am thankful that I am now able to hear my kid's voice, which I had not heard since the time he was born. When I look back at my life, I thank God for bestowing me with the courage and willpower to take all of life's hardships in my stride and emerge as a winner, always.

I lead a fantastic family life with my normal life partner and son. I just stumbled upon Hubpages and think that it is a very nice platform for expressing our writing talent and to be appreciated and recognised by other hubbers.

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