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Nicole Canfield (AKA Kitty the Dreamer) is the author of the acclaimed Cotton Family Series, a magical realism series for adults featuring witches, shapeshifters, shamans, and restless spirits.

Nicole grew up in an old haunted house in historic Southern Maryland (U.S.). There she encountered numerous spirits, namely ghosts and fairies. These experiences fueled her passion to seek the mysterious and to write about her discoveries. A true Sagittarius at heart, Nicole is a star-gazer and a philosopher. She is always looking for new horizons - new places to travel, new lessons to learn, new people to meet. When you can't find her whipping up feasts, changing diapers, or writing, you will find her frolicking with the fairies and flying with the witches.

Nicole's favorite topics are almost always inspired by folklore, history, and the paranormal. Nicole's freelance articles have been featured in Witch Way Magazine, The Miami Beach Gazette, ArtGaze Magazine, and on Spiritnest.com.

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