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Aquarius. 5’9″. Long walks on the beach and AYCE sushi. Seeking long term comm – oh, wait. Not that kind of ‘about me’? Whoops. The name is Kodie and freelancing is the game.

I attended the University of Western Ontario for three years pursuing a variety of majors. The plan was to finish my novel and drop out with a book contract and a rich husband. When that failed – go figure – add two years of cooking school, a season as the head chef on a remote island, several tumultuous romances, and a crippling student loan and well, there you have it:

The sugar, spice and everything nice that makes a blogger.

Join me here regularly beginning December 30, 2016 for new posts. After all, with six years of mistakes under my belt, I’ve practically graduated a Master’s program in what not to do. Consider class in session, ladies and gents.

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