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Just remember when it comes to a story, a real story, in order to be a successful writer you have no friends! This is an unfortunate truth about the industry.

Never the less I must continue to push myself. Write, Inspire, and push your creative abilitiez to the limits. When I write a story I want to take your breath away, so I write! I write to inspire, to push the limits, and to free myself! As far as I am concerned when it comes to writing, boundaries are meant to be broken.

I write because I do not know how not to write. For me writing is simply an awesome feeling, it allows you to just free yourself and let it all go.

There are no boudaries when you write. Free your self, say it all! If you are interested by this, then I suggest you check out my hubs. That way you will see how my ball point pen rolls. Holla!

Let inspiration take hold. Write!

If you like creative writing, read, enjoy, take lessons, laugh, cry, hate me, love me, but most importantly feel inspired. ENJOY MY HUBS!

*** Feedback is greatly appreciated, but most importantly enjoy!***

Awards I have won for my writing:


* 2011 Book-Length Award Winner ($2,500.00)

* Brett Foster for his novel: HOW NOT TO LIVE.

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