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Welcome to my Bio. I guess I'll start with the basic information. I'm 44, from the Midwest, US and currently unemployed. I finally earn my Associate's Degree in Business Administration at the age of 40.

I've always had a passion for reading and writing but never really pursued writing as a career. I love to spend time with my dogs, go for walks and take day trips around the area. There are interesting places you can find close to home.

I do enjoy writing for writing's sake and playing games on free game sites where you can even earn money.I've even tried my hand at a very simple free website building and hosting site. It's a lot of fun and now they let you invite friends to submit content to your site.

I've already learned a lot on HubPages and I hope to keep improving on my skills. I enjoy reading other hubbers but tend to spend a lot of time in the forums. I'm really more of a night owl when it comes to researching and writing. There are several categories that appeal to me as a writer. I try to add humor when I can but hear a lot of crickets instead of laughs. Thanks for reading!

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