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Hello all! My name is Kyndall Smith.

Only Blue...

I am naturally intrigued, naturally curious, naturally open and naturally profound, like the ocean, wide and blue.

And while I feel blue, I am blue in the calmest sense. I naturally need to know and want to know, all that comes with life, and this package that was wrapped and is now me.

I flow and yet stop in a puzzled fashion because my flow slows to confusion. Unlike the ocean that has it; the ability to flow in all directions and still stay cohesive.

I need to know me and why I am. Do I change to be different which is better or is it worse? Do I stay and adapt to what is; that I do not understand. I'm fine but is it good enough here? To thrive...

Power is the ocean and what am I? Only blue.


This is my mind that I don't understand and yet everyday I hopelessly try to. I'm desparetly searching for my place while trying to stay comfortable. I guess it's time to move.

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Natural Beauty is amazing!

I mostly write about natural hair.

I wanted to go natural because I was tired of my hair being thin and lifeless and I was curious to see my natural hair. I fell in love with natural hair through youtube and I want to experience what everyone else was experiencing.

I have learned a lot about natural hair over the last few years and I have had great success growing my curly hair. I want to share all I have learned with people who are interested.

I also love to write poetry, travel, and discover. I mostly want to discover the reason i'm here on this planet.

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