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L. Crist is a professional, working mother who lives with her children in Arizona.

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  • Gastric bypass: more than a physical transformation

    Gastric bypass: more than a physical transformation

    6 years ago

    Life as a fat person Eight years ago marked the beginning of a journey that took me places I had never imagined. I was 33, morbidly obese and had spent my 20’s never having a boyfriend. I never had the experience of...

  • Show me

    Show me

    6 years ago

    Come to me. Show me your desire. Touch me like I'm yours. Travel the peaks and valleys of my body like you wrote the map for this familiar, yet sacred, territory. Show me your love. Share your passion. Love my...

  • The Brass Ring

    The Brass Ring

    6 years ago

    My fingertips tingle in anticipation of contact with you The little envelope at the bottom of my screen makes me catch my breath We see each other in passing, unable to openly show what we both know The smiles as...

  • Feels like yesterday...

    Feels like yesterday...

    6 years ago

    She sat on the porch, rocking and drinking her coffee, deep in thought. She didn’t notice the girl,who carried so many of her own traits, approach. “Grandma, you were a million miles away! What are you thinking...

  • Divorce after multiples

    Divorce after multiples

    6 years ago

    I spent the first half of my 20's traveling, seeking new life experiences and taking college classes. I didn't return to my home state, to attend college full-time, until I was 25. I spent a few years as a full-time...