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Welcome to my hub. My name is Louise Page and I am a qualified Professional Counsellor (Australia) Youth/ASD, Autism Therapist, Professional Illustrator, avid author (books and articles on Autism) and proud mum to three teenagers (ASD). I also enjoy writing 'silly' poems, rhyming and non-rhyming stories for children.

La Papillon is French for 'the butterfly'. The butterfly represents to me the beauty of natural transformation and the inner soul, which I continually see in my children as they grow.

Being a left-of-centre thinker myself, I enjoy reading the writings and theories of others who also take a different 'slant' on the many ideas, practices, beliefs and proposed 'knowledge' (especially on such which affect our lives and our environment) abounding today.

Some of my other interests include philosophy, geology, seismology, meteorology and a few other 'ologies. I'm also a keen observer of human nature and behaviour - reasons why people do what they do.

Thankyou for visiting my new hub and I hope you enjoy reading about the genres I explore and articles I have written.

To learn a little more about me, please visit the following websites;

Heart and Soul of Autism

Realist Art In Oz

Realist Art In Oz - RedBubble

Louise on LinkedIn

Louise's books on Lulu.com

My profile picture is courtesy of Butterfly Pictures.

Thankyou muchly for all those who have read or commented on my hubs since I have been 'absent'. And a big thankyou for those who are following my hubs as well. I really appreciate your interest in my writing ;)

Note: Please do not interpret any of my articles as professional advice or therapy. Consult your preferred health professional in your country of residence if you desire such assistance, thankyou.

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