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Well there are so many things to tell you all about me. I'll keep it short and sweet.

I am a mother of two beautiful daughters ages 11 and 3. We are all born in December. I am the wife of an extraordinary husband in whom I love so much. Family is my greatest strength.

When I am not enjoying life with my family, writing is my hobby and talent of interest. There is nothing out there that sums up my moods other than writing. What I have learned is writing takes me on amazing adventure that is loved to be shared with others. I open my world to the public with deep thoughts of inspiration and expressions.

I love to cook. Don't like eating much but get much enjoyment out of others induldging in their delights especially when prepared by me.

I also am a wedding coordinator/consultant. You can view my myspace site for details at www.myspace.com/queenladystarr. You'll have to add me to your firends list to view.

I love the Lord. God has brought me through some of the most crucial times in my life. Just for him waking me up every morning to new mercies, I'll always pledge my love and life to him. Actively a member of my own church The Upper Room Deliverance Ministries Inc. in Atlantic City where I am the Apostle and Founding pastor. You can view my other myspace at www.myspace.com/rushingwinds.

I am a movie fanatic. Love biblical, documentaries, thrillers, horror, comedies, and drama movies. My library of movies is large. Reading isn't my greatest strength but I study escatology(the study of end time prophecies).

Please view my site at www.cashforyourthoughts.weebly.com to get the latest news, busness opps, word of the day, blogs, and don't forget to join my forums. Thank you so much.

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