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I’m a homemaker and an English Literature graduate with 3 grown up children! Facing the empty nest syndrome and my husband still busy in his medical profession, I panicked that life was passing me by and I gathered enough courage, to pick up my pen (rather my word processor) and here I am! :)

About me-I build castle in the air and I love The Christian Weddings of South India. I enjoy The Pongal or the Harvest Festival of South India and not to mention The Vibrant Spring Celebrations of India!Hmmm..how about the Hot Indian Dudes ?

My favorite love storybrings tears to my eyes and makes my heart tug , whereas the story Of Glamour and Politicsmakes me speechless!

Do I really like the Reality TV Show -The Moment of Truth? Doubtful!

With internet and broadband it is so very easy to Plan Your Trip Online and it is moreover a snap Sending money online to whoever!

It's amazing how you can fix a date online for free as Google launches Google Romance and sure, you can Be Unique, Be Unusual For Valentine’s Day or just about any day!

I thank MS Word -Ode to MS Word for helping me to write as I had always Wanted to be a writer.

Would you like to know all about Apple's iTunes Plus ? And ofcourse, I'm shocked by Rape in revenge.

My blog for newbies : http://comp-tutor.blogspot.com/

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  • The Indian Ocean Tsunami

    The Indian Ocean Tsunami

    8 years ago

    Year 2004.We had a great Christmas! The next morning, Dec 26th, being a Sunday, we were all just lazing around. We felt the ground shake a bit beneath us. Before we could realize, it was over! We relaxed. It was 6.30...

  • Christian Weddings of South India

    Christian Weddings of South India

    23 months ago

    Christian weddings in South India blend Indian and Western customs to create beautiful and meaningful events for everyone. Learn about the traditions and clothing most common at these ceremonies.