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    Netflix: The Normalized Addiction

    5 months ago

    Yes, Netflix, the source of entertainment that we all know, love, and may even use on a daily basis, has become another normalized addiction.

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    The Finish Line

    6 months ago

    Sometimes, there are signs, but it never ceases to hurt when someone who you've loved and given a lot to leaves you.

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    Your Cruel Heart

    6 months ago

    A re-write of my older poem: Cruel Heart, which explores the emotions and loss that result of death, and the stages of grief in a different manner.

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    I Was Never a Mother

    6 months ago

    Women have a right to not want children or be housewives. My entire life, I've been told that it's unnatural and sinful for me to reject "the gift that God has given me and taken from others." Is it truly a gift if I never asked for or wanted it? This is my take on the issue.

  • Delicious Vegan Burger Recipe

    Delicious Vegan Burger Recipe

    2 years ago

    A recipe to a very tasty, yet nutritional vegan burger. Can be frozen and used later or served right away!

  • The Backstory of Lady Macbeth

    The Backstory of Lady Macbeth

    2 years ago

    Many readers are quick to judge Lady Macbeth for being ruthless, which reflects humans' tendency to judge others without knowing the full story. I wrote this prequel to her life in an attempt to demonstrate why she is the way she is. Her name is Grouch in the story due to its historical significance

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    The Worst Is yet to Come

    2 years ago

    Pessimism and negativity are two common qualities that affect us beyond our knowledge. One phrase that especially darkened my view of the future is 'The Worst Is yet to Come', which only made me dread my tasks and discouraged me from pursuing my goals.

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    Cruel Heart

    6 months ago

    Death. It is a natural part of life, but that doesn't make it any easier. This poem takes readers through the stages of grief at the loss of a loved one: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

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    Burnout Syndrome: What You Need to Know

    12 months ago

    Burnout Syndrome. A recently recognized disorder in which chronic stress results in both physical and mental exhaustion, putting a damper on many aspects of an individual's life, whether academic, social, romantic, or professional.

  • Making the Right Choice: A Guide to Vegans Everywhere

    Making the Right Choice: A Guide to Vegans Everywhere

    2 years ago

    Many debates are being held on the health benefits and drawbacks of veganism and plant-based diets, but many are back by evidence and readers may often lack basic knowledge of essential nutrients and the foods that contain them to properly assess these arguments and their validity.


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