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I'm Mom of two who is passionate about kids and everything related to them. Want to share with you some tips and tricks that I am basing on my own experience with my two children.

I've been through it all, and came out breathing. :) My husband and I lived all over the World, and we are currently settled in beautiful (and sometimes crazy) Malaysia. Different countries mean different weathers, foods, and therefore different problems, they get together to make for a wonderful journey, just like different flavours and spices come together to make the perfect recipe.

Visit my blog:www.fussybabyfood.blogspot.com, for some healthy recipes, plus some tips and tricks too.

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  • What i found out about tropical fruits for kids

    What i found out about tropical fruits for kids

    8 years ago

    We’ve been live in Kuala Lumpur for about a year and a half now, and I had that fear of feeding my baby-girl any tropical fruits. I just didn't know, should I or shouldn’t I? Well I found out that most of them are...