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Larchinski is a Criminology major and also a Writer (poetry, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other) and Artist (inspired by ancient art and cultures). My artwork can be seen on my website.

My interests are: Criminology and the Criminal Justice System, Computer Forensics and Security, History, Art History, Art, Anthropology all forms (Cultural, Forensic, and Archaeology), Film Study, Literature, Kabbalah and Torah study, Astronomy, Paranormal and Parapsychology Research, I love ancient cultures and religions (especially Hebrew, Canaanite, Egyptian, Arab, Tibetan, Native American, Celtic and the mystery of lost civilizations (like Atlantis and Lemuria.) I find the study of science and evolution to be more spiritual than religion in many ways, they are all about moving forward and looking to the future.

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  • The Dangers of Bullying

    The Dangers of Bullying

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    Introduction Countless children, teenagers, and adults struggle with bullying each and every day in the home, classroom, the workplace, and beyond. This socialized maltreatment from others can occur in the form of...

  • Poe and Dickinson: The Poets

    Poe and Dickinson: The Poets

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    The Kabbalistic Afterlife

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