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  • Writing Therapy for Healing: Activities

    Writing Therapy for Healing: Activities

    13 months ago

    Writing therapy for healing and wellness can reap many benefits and it a great tool to implement in your daily routine and recreation. The following are some great activity suggestions to try for self-discovery personal development, and enjoyment.

  • Writing Therapy for Healing: Forms

    Writing Therapy for Healing: Forms

    13 months ago

    Writing therapy is a great tool for bettering our lives, achieving success and for learning more about ourselves on a deeper soul level. The following are forms used in writing therapy for healing to achieve just that.

  • Dance Spirit

    Dance Spirit

    13 months ago

                      I Move with the Tune                                            of Inspiration                              A Sound Innately                                  &

  • The Art of Dance Styles

    The Art of Dance Styles

    13 months ago

    As a dancer, I find that many styles have a way of expressing all all facets of the our emotions. Dance is freeing and a hallmark of every culture articulated through the rhythm of the soul. Here are a list of major styles that influence me and dancers all over the world.

  • Strengthening Your Intuition

    Strengthening Your Intuition

    13 months ago

    Intuition is a natural GOD-given ability that all of us are born with. Female intuition. Male intuition. Its all the same. All beings have have it. The following is a list of natural ways to enhance intuition for more clarity of mind, enhancement of creativity and general attunement with the...

  • Exposure for Writers

    Exposure for Writers

    13 months ago

    Photo By M. Connors Having been a writer all my life, I have had my fair share of experience and opportunities through education and self-exploration in the world of word crafting. For any writer, old or new, these are a list of options for exposing...

  • Learning the Art of Letting Go

    Learning the Art of Letting Go

    13 months ago

    Learn the power to successfully let go of people, habits and situations that are unhealthy, and regain self-empowerment.

  • True Leadership Qualities

    True Leadership Qualities

    13 months ago

    Do you know what defines a leader? These qualities will demonstrate what it takes to be a successful leader in our world.

  • Horror 101

    Horror 101

    13 months ago

    Welcome to Horror 101, a refresher course in the basics of horror villains and films.

  • Satire Solution

    Satire Solution

    13 months ago

    This is a creative writing letter piece I wrote some years back, when I was in high school, as a channel for many frustrations during a time when I fully begun to realize and encounter many forms of prejudices and stereotypes of the world. And yes, it is found in many forms, fashions, faces,...

  • Color Therapy and Meaning

    Color Therapy and Meaning

    13 months ago

    Discover the healing effects and symbolism of colors.

  • Taming Difficult Emotions

    Taming Difficult Emotions

    13 months ago

    Learn how to deal with the effects of difficult emotions and react for positive changes and outcomes.

  • Online Counseling

    Online Counseling

    13 months ago

    oday, more and more people are seeking online counseling as an alternative to in-person one-on-one therapy. If you are considering any form of counseling online, here are a list of pros and cons that may help you decide if the online route is the way to go.

  • Personality Temperament Types

    Personality Temperament Types

    13 months ago

    Discover your personality temperament type using the Keirsey Temperament Theory analysis by David Keirsey, and better understand your life's mission and purpose.

  • Maintaining Stress

    Maintaining Stress

    13 months ago

    Learn quick tips for managing stress for any lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of positive stress and overcome bad stress once and for all. Implement these steps to regain mind, body and spirit wellness.

  • How to Stop Procrastination...Before Next Week

    How to Stop Procrastination...Before Next Week

    13 months ago

    We all do it, but eliminating it can be difficult. With these tips, anyone can break that stubborn cycle of procrastination and start to make progression. All it takes is a bit of discipline and a bit of enjoyment in the process.

  • Curing the Boredom Blues

    Curing the Boredom Blues

    13 months ago

    Bored? Well, I have just the antidote for it. Here are tips for creating a new life adventure.

  • The Musical Craft

    The Musical Craft

    13 months ago

    Music is the universal language that we can all appreciate. The following poem is an ode to music by Latasha Woods.

  • America's Spirit

    America's Spirit

    13 months ago

    An inspirational poem written by Latasha N. Woods to America in memory of the lives of those affected by September 11, 2001.

  • Attention All Rejects: Your Accepted

    Attention All Rejects: Your Accepted

    13 months ago

    For all those who face rejection, this hub is a place for you. We accept everyone here.

  • God's Poem

    God's Poem

    13 months ago

    An inspirational poem honoring GOD, The Great Spirit, by Latasha N. Woods.


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