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A teacher in Seoul, South Korea, and a Psych graduate, I love talking about travelling, teaching, learning and thinking, with just about anyone who will talk to me! I'm new here, and I react well to contructive criticism, so if you've got any tips, pointers or comments, please leave them for me.

I've also got a blog called: Adventures in Korea -- an original title, I know -- where I write more about my experiences here in Korea, including posts that aren't as appropriate for hubs often because of length or because they are snapshots of daily life.

I'm so glad that I've come here to Korea, and that I'm experiencing everything that I have. If you're thinking about teaching in Korea, please feel free to contact me and ask me questions about my experience!

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  • Korean Cultural Beliefs

    Korean Cultural Beliefs

    8 years ago

    As the culture of a country develops over the centuries -- and for Korea, there have been many centuries -- its people evolve a very distinct sense of belonging, and begin to differentiate themselves from the other...

  • Let's Speak Korean: Program Review

    Let's Speak Korean: Program Review

    8 years ago

    Let's Speak Korean is a pretty fabulous resource for anyone who is interested in learning to speak the Korean language. It is a television program that was originally aired on the Arirang TV network in South Korea that...

  • Teach English in Korea: Speaking the Language

    Teach English in Korea: Speaking the Language

    8 years ago

    Before arriving in The Land of the Morning Calm, also known as Korea, many foreigners and prospective English teachers hear that learning Korean is not necessary, and that you can function pretty well in Korea without...