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Like you, I became aware of how certain ingredients in skin care and cosmetics effect your health and the environment. Dealing with adult acne, changes in hormone balance and keeping optimum health required research.

What I found was that certain additives in those products can actually make you sick! I am an avid label reader and have created a website and also this blog to help spread and word on the benefits of going organic. It's not just for the "hippie-dippie" crowd anymore.

With more amazing, products available and continued improvements, going organic is not longer the challenge it lused to be. My purpose is to show you the benefits of going organic and how reasonably priced the products are. I will also provide my own homemade recipes for skin care that I'm sure you will love and be delighted with.

Please visit often as I update regularly. Let me know what you would like to see on my blog and wesbsite. Till then...

Walk in Beauty.

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