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I have been a single mother for years, divorced, and now widowed for the first time at the age of 52. Funny how life's experiences changes some parts of us, and others, we go back to the beginnings.

I made it through the first year of hubpages! I am now 53. I wish I could share more wisdom I have gained in that year, and perhaps I have.

I enjoy meeting new people, online and offline. I belong to many forums, and am always interested in learning new experiences. I believe one is never too old to learn. If I ever stop learning that will be the day I no longer exist on this Earth.

I have been writing the All Amercian Novel for years, and hopefully one day I will be published. I have a passion for quotes because they often say more than I can. I also love writing poetry. My poetry is bred out of my experiences, and even tho at times dark, it comes from those moments in my life.

I am a survivor of abuse. Through those journeys in my life I have accumulated, panic disorder, PTSD, and many other disorders, but also, I have gained life. In it's beauty and in it's pain.

I have to be frank and say I have been searching for a place to publish my writing/s. To find my niche in life. My dream when I "grow up" is to become a freelance writer. And now I have found Hubpages, and met some wonderful awesome writers.

And in between meeting new people online, writing passions, penning poetry, I also help run our family business, Annie Lundy's Collectibles. Stop by and visit us! We always love to meet new people!

And I even brought my "lil sis" along for this ride, AngRose.

Life goes on......

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