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A Profile of Lawrence S. Miller, a traditional Christian and Constitutional Conservative American Patriot

I reckon the intent of a profile is to answer a few basic questions in as limited a fashion as possible and still say something. And I suppose the questions to be answered would include something like: who am I, what motives me, what are my goals in life?

Who am I? I am a product of the South, born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and was raised a few minutes south of there in a semi-rural place called Lakeview, Georgia. Since then, I have been in the U.S. Navy (5 yrs.), where I was an NSA electronic eavesdropper, and, oh yes; I saw the world and learned many things. After that I live many years in California, where, I matured greatly by learning a lot about people, traditional Christian philosophy and history, and others of the classical liberal arts.

What motivates me?
Learning is the short answer. I desire to learn as much as I can daily about the things of this world so that my sojourn here may be a better one that will put me on the high, narrow road to the blissful life in the next.

What are my goals? To be the best that I can be.

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