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  • Life Continued

    Life Continued

    13 months ago

    I look at my life and see nothing there. I look at my life, it seems so unfair. where is the love, the compassion, and fun? I am at the point to use this old rusty gun. what is my purpose, what is my mission? how can I get passed this...

  • What is Life 101

    What is Life 101

    13 months ago

    As we look at our lives we wonder if we could have done anything better. Could we have changed any of our actions? Could we have been a better person? So many questions yet so little answers to fill the emptiness inside our hearts. "Life is what you...

  • kiss & Tell?

    kiss & Tell?

    13 months ago

    Between two friends you have a special bond which is sacred. Whether it is man or woman, would it break the sacred bond in which you and your friend have, if they were to find out that you used to date someone that they are interested in and...

  • The Unthinkable

    The Unthinkable

    13 months ago

    What if the unthinkable happened in a relationship? What would happen? Would you give up? Would you cower down to the world and give in to the inhumanity of life? These are the questions we ask each other every day as well go through all the trials...

  • Anamosity


    13 months ago

    Its funny how things happen when you least expect them to. Sometimes for the best but most of the time for the worsed. Can anyone explain life? Can you fully understand? Questions which will never be correctly answered. You try so hard in life then...

  • Homeless Consitancy

    Homeless Consitancy

    13 months ago

     There have been so many different controversies about the homeless and how they effect our society. As well as talk of disclaiming the homeless. But others including corporations stand to help the homeless. They say that people go through certain...

  • The worse valentines ever

    The worse valentines ever

    13 months ago

    My worse Valentines Day experience is when I spent 2 months planning my first wife's perfect valentines day present which consisted of a 300 dollar bottle of champagne, a 80 dollar box of chocolates, a new bedroom set which she had been bugging me...

  • The Rose,

    The Rose, "A Woman's Heart"

    13 months ago

    A woman is like a rose. So bold and mysterious. So fragile and fragrant. Her pedals standing for a piece of her life. The position of the pedals standing for her personality. The brilliance of coloring so massive and beautiful. Her stem standing for...

  • The Dance Part 2

    The Dance Part 2

    13 months ago

    " I stand here in anticipation. Waiting for my shining star to come. I gaze around the room. My eyes straining, trying to find some life, some living being waiting for her prince to be. The room seems to glow, dance balls, stage lights, ice doves,...

  • Solitary Thoughts

    Solitary Thoughts

    13 months ago

    My heart is full of love, ready to erupt at any given opportunity. This compassion I hold inside so real and full. My mind maimed by the thought of that special someone, as I sit here under the stars, each star telling a story. These questions and...

  • Born Again

    Born Again

    13 months ago

    Life, such an understatement. What is life? Is it really a blessing or a burden? The experiences in which we have to go through in life mold us in to people we are today. The unexplainable things in life in which we may not understand. Love in which...

  • Let Me Be Myself

    Let Me Be Myself

    13 months ago

    Let me be myself when I am singing in the shower Let me be myself when I am acting stupid Let me be myself when I say a corny joke Let me be myself when everything else seems to fade away Let me be myself when I hurt Let me be myself even when...

  • Every Day Life Revisited

    Every Day Life Revisited

    13 months ago

    Over life thine eyes have bled the memories of the past. Love with no remorse has taken over my soul. Life is all around me and happiness in which I have no control. Reality creeping my spine, feelings so vague and sublime. Looking for an...

  • Is Chivalry Dead Or Just Hiding?

    Is Chivalry Dead Or Just Hiding?

    13 months ago

    This never happens! Google It's like playing hide and seek. You turn over a new rock (partner) and look, nope not there, no not quite. But who's responsible? Is it the male or female? In older times, men were responsible for all chivalry, paying...

  • Everyday

    Everyday "Encounters" : Reading Between The Lines

    13 months ago

    You deserve to get shot! Google Don't just let everything go. You type an innocent letter into your internet browser and get online hook up sites, when you and the one you are with are the only ones on the account? Is your significant other looking...

  • Why Shouldn' Celebrities Have A Private Life

    Why Shouldn' Celebrities Have A Private Life

    13 months ago

    Not even a storm trooper can get privacy... Is there such a thing? Do these famous people have rights? We pay to see them, to hear them,to meet them, and in rare and extreme cases to even own a little piece of them ( locks of hair, spit,...

  • Can you make a profit online?

    Can you make a profit online?

    13 months ago

    There are several ways you can make a profit on-line. A couple of ways could be like, on-line flea markets, on-line discount stores, e-bay, etc. But one of the most common ways in which you could invest your money is investing in an...

  • How to market your business online quick fast and easy

    How to market your business online quick fast and easy

    13 months ago

    On-line marketing can be very frustrating. For one, a lot of sites want you to pay for their services and then ounce you fork out so much money you don't get any leads or any business back for yourself and you make no money. To fix this problem some...

  • Avon and its benefits

    Avon and its benefits

    13 months ago

    Avon has been around for years now. Women all around the world have been working with this company to help other hard working women around the world buy something for themselves or there families and not have to spend an arm or a leg. This is not...

  • Are Social Networking Sites Harmful?

    Are Social Networking Sites Harmful?

    13 months ago

    a lot to handle. Social networking has stunted the growth of my generation. As a nineteen year old woman I can only contact most of my friends through a networking site. Instead of having face to face in depth conversations where humans...

  • My First Encounter

    My First Encounter

    13 months ago

    ...its always awkward... google of a third kind? I wish, that would be a lot more thrilling than the story of a lovey dovey 18 year old and her curiosity scarring her for life. I waited for 4 1/2 years and decided that poor * Jack deserved some...

  • Storms of life

    Storms of life

    13 months ago

    The Storms of Life!!!   For a long time a storm was raging inside of me. I didn't know where I belonged or what life had in store for me! Everyday was a mystery all in it self. Every hour so fragile and useless. For a long time life was just one...

  • Lets talk about alcohol addiction and treatment

    Lets talk about alcohol addiction and treatment

    13 months ago

    Are you addicted? Get Help! Home / Computer Alcohol Treatment and signs of addiction For many years people have acted irresponsibly when it comes to drinking. Many people refer to drinking as getting "buzzed" or getting "wasted". They do not...

  • The Dance

    The Dance

    13 months ago

    Hoping she feels the same way about him as he does for her she wraps her arms around him and leans her head against his chest to listen to his heart beat He holds her close and thinks, "this is the best night of my life" she lifts her head and...

  • Martin Luther King Recap

    Martin Luther King Recap

    13 months ago

    Martin Luther King Jr. & The Civil Rights Movement. By: David L. Beach Jr. In this essay I will be talking about our beloved and remembered “Martin Luther King Jr.”. He was one of the greatest minds of his time. Some say he was the...

  • A Knights Tale

    A Knights Tale

    13 months ago

    Bound by shackles conceded by hate, This fairy tale dream's ending has come to late, Wounded and astray nothing more to hope for just a painful delay, Where is my night in shining armor, Caring much pain, carrying much strife, Where is my...

  • Every Day Life

    Every Day Life

    13 months ago

    On this page I will be talking about several different aspects on life in which people seem to forget on a daily basis. From the basics of every day life to the overwhelming experiences which cause catastrophic events in our lives. There is so many...


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