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I grew up on a farm in Southern Alberta, the cows, horses, pigs and wildlife were my closest friends. Raising the runts and orphans were my job, one I did with absolute dedication and heart. The hardest part was seeing them leave when they grew up; pigs and cows were not considered pets in those days It was heartbreaking to say the least and led to a vegetarian lifestyle throughout my life.

I have been in the health and healing field for over 20 years for both people and the animals including hosting my own daily radio show on health and healing and then on to environmental studies and consulting. With my own organic gardens, the mini pigs are important helpers, I would not want to do it without their help!

I have been an advanced student of alternative healing modalities like Quigong, Hawaiian Huna and vibrational medicine and reconnective healing, which has proven itself very effective when working with animals.

I am a strong advocate for animal rights, especially the food animals who do not have a voice. I strongly believe laws need to be changed in our world to prevent the incredible suffering and cruelty these animals face on a daily basis. I have had a lifelong rapport with animals, one of my great passions, and have worked along side the SPCA rescuing and rehabilitating injured and abused farm and exotic animals for over 25 years.

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