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My name is Lisa Sandler and I have never done a blog before. I love to write and find it very satisfying.

I am married to Ken, who is my best friend for what seems like forever. I can't remember a time when he was not a part of my life and he is my rock.

I have two amazing daughters, one here on the East Coast and one of them lives on the West Coast.

I have a dog named Bagel, who is a Beagle! She is the most lovable creature, but is a chow hound.

I hope you will enjoy my writings, if you do, please tell your friends!

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  • How A Dog Picks You As Their Person

    How A Dog Picks You As Their Person

    4 years ago

    This hub is about love and loss of a beloved pet and how the next pet chooses his/her person, which is you! Animals give such unconditional love and we are entrusted to care for them. GO SHELTER PET!