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Normally Donna dwells in the Forest of Cubicles, across the stream from the Asphalt Spaghetti Plains. She ventures out every now and then to mercilessly hunt down the rarely-seen Fuzzy Warble. She has yet to succeed in obtaining this most elusive of prizes, but when she does it'll look great over her sofa.

Once in a great while she will find herself amidst other Large Bags of Mostly Water discussing current events, board games and cookies. She's not entirely certain she understands the pythagorean theorem, but she's pretty sure it has something to do with shoes.

Her thoughts often flow sporadically, but when they do....well, let's just say strawberry jam is some tasty stuff. And always remember: the shoestring of destiny runs parallel to bottle caps.

More musings can be found here: http://compendiouscommunications.weebly.com/

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  • The Chocolate Taste Test

    The Chocolate Taste Test

    7 months ago

    NOTE: This test was originally conducted in 2009, so some of the brands used at the time were actually American or European as stated. The corporate changes that have happened in the intervening years are discussed at...

  • Adam and Eve Were Set Up

    Adam and Eve Were Set Up

    7 months ago

    Some years back I got into a debate about Adam and Eve, God and the question of free will. I always loved that chat (stimulates the gray matter upstairs), so I thought I’d dig around for my notes and review this...

  • How to Avoid Becoming White Trash

    How to Avoid Becoming White Trash

    7 months ago

         Big hair, cheap beer and really, really bad TV. These are a few of White Trash’s favorite things. Some people are born into that world; some just sort of end up there.      There is a reason why the...

  • Five Great Euro Games

    Five Great Euro Games

    7 months ago

    I really like playing board games, but the traditional “family” games like Monopoly or Scrabble aren’t as interesting to me as Eurogames.  These are board games that focus more on strategy than luck, and...