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Who am I? I am a mother, a teacher, a quilter, a cook, and many other things. I write on topics relating to all of these things and (as I implied) other things as well. Here's the breakdown:

A mother - I share my experiences of being a new mother. Children do the darndest things and, boy, do they like to give parents a scare. So, when should a mother worry? What is that first cold like? What things were a suprise and what things weren't?

A teacher - I have taught ESL for the last few years in different settings (community centers, community colleges, one-on-one tutoring). I share different teaching ideas I have used, activities that work in the classroom, and, perhaps, what a teacher should avoid.

A quilter - I love to sew. It's one of my few hobbies. I share my projects, review patterns, and give advice to new quilters.

A cook - I started cooking when I still needed a stool to reach the counter. I share recipes I have tweaked and talk about some of the healthy alternatives out there.

Etc. - In addition to all of this, I occasionally write about my views on education (homeschool and public school), Crohn's disease (diagnosed in 2006), and whatever else strike's my fancy.

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