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I first learnt leadlighting back in 1987 from an excellent leadlight tradesman, Lindsay Pring, who served his appreticeship as a young man at Frederick Ash in Newcastle. They were the premier glass company in Newcastle at the time and as well as normal glazing work, manufactured beautiful leadlights to houses and buildings not only in Newcastle but far and wide.

After completing a leadlight course with him, he was impressed with my work and he was kind enough to employ me for 5 years, so you could say I served an apprenticeship under his guidance and then I went out on my own. I soon realised I would also have to teach the craft to make ends meet.

I've taught leadlighting for over 13 years, and well over 1500 people have learnt and enjoyed leadlighting as a hobby, making their leadlights to a very high standard, which is evident from photos in my ‘students work’ album. Even though I have retired, I still miss teaching so perhaps I can continue to teach through these pages.

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