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Welcome to my profile page!

I am a women on a course of exploration. I am so glad my compass guided me here to HubPages. I am thrilled to have the opportunity and freedom to write on a variety of topics.

I have lived in NYC most of my life but I have traveled quite a bit, this has given me a broad perspective and a excellent vantage point from which I can express myself through my writing.

I am both diverse and curious which leads me to resarch and question a wide variety of topics, I am a student of the world - perpetually inquisative and at the same time I can be still and allow myself to take in the beauty of a budding flower or the flicker of a candle in the darkness.

Thank you for stopping by!

Peace and light,

Leah Limor

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    14 Reasons to Love your Breasts!

    3 years ago

    There are so many reasons to love your breasts! While many women are lead to think their breasts should look a certain way, they can begin loving their breasts by considering how amazing they are!