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It may sound odd, but as a secondary English teacher I sometimes find myself without a true creative outlet.

In a typical day, I have the option of executing a lesson plan in any number of ways. When one of those ways seems enticing, but it doesn't fit with the curriculum or what the kids are doing, it's nice to have a venue to explore and share these ideas.

Presently, education is under a lot of scrutiny at both local and national levels. My hubs will serve to aid other educators, but also to allow me to relax and enjoy my subject matter. Unfortunately, educators easily forget the importance of decompressing and rekindling the love that you have for your area of study.

In the future, my articles will consist of topics ranging from education to comedy and beyond.

I hope you enjoy my hubs and I value all feedback. You can find my first hub here

The Odyssey: A Graphic Novel Approach...

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