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Lelanew is a writer of diverse interests. One of her interests is how to keep ourselves healthy naturally and holistically. She is an amateur herbalist who has studied herbs independently for a few years now. She has also taken a two month course on medicinal herbs from a master herbalist. Environmental and other social issues interest her greatly. She has written about such issues including how to make money recyclinging electronics and how to re-use and re-purpose your old computer. and will continue to do so in the future. She enjoys cooking and likes trying out various recipes and creating her own. Check out the hubs on cooking on a panini grill such as Grilling Fish and Chicken on a Panini Grill. Also make sure to visit her Ethiopian food hubs such as Ethiopian Vegan Cooking, Injera: The Ethiopian Flat Bread, and Teff: An Ancient Grain. Lelanew is enjoying writing and being part of the community on hub pages and would like to invite you to join.

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  • Injera: The Ethiopian Flat Bread

    Injera: The Ethiopian Flat Bread

    7 years ago

    What is injera or enjira as it is sometimes spelled? Injera is a flat crepe like food that has millions of bubbles or wholes on its surface. In Ethiopia injera is not considered bread. Injera is injera the stuff of...

  • Rue: Culinary Uses

    Rue: Culinary Uses

    7 years ago

    Most people do not think of rue as a culinary herb. In the west, it is used with great caution as a medicinal herb mostly. That is because it is considered poisonous and very bitter. But rue used to be used extensively...

  • Grilling Fish and Chicken on a Panini Grill

    Grilling Fish and Chicken on a Panini Grill

    7 years ago

    Grilling fish and chicken on a panini grill is is an easy, quick and healthy way of cooking these foods. It takes about 4 to 10 minutes, doesn't need much oil or butter, excess fat is drained off, and the best part is...

  • Teff: Nutritionally Super Grain

    Teff: Nutritionally Super Grain

    6 months ago

    Most people in the world probably haven’t heard of teff. Teff is an ancient Ethiopian grain that was known only in Ethiopia until very recently. But Ethiopia's best kept secret, this super grain is now out in the open...