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Hello! My name is French and is pronounced Len-AY, in case anyone is wondering how it is pronounced!

I am a published writer, editor and journalist, living in the Glendale, AZ.

My current focus is on my Life Coaching business - helping people discover and achieve their life's purpose. I use different modalities that guide others to self-empowerment, a more positive direction, more money and a life and career of their dreams. The website for my coaching is:


On that website, you will find links on my Empowerment Greeting cards page that are linked to some of my articles here. Most of them are linked to the "ABC's of Self-Realization" articles. If you look in the articles for hyperlinks on a quote or a link under one of the pictures, it will take you directly to that specific greeting card on my website. If you have any questions - please let me know! Thank you SO much!

I published two of my newest books on Kindle as of October 2011. One is called "Illusions of Wisdom" and one is called "ABC's of Self-Realization". Here are the links for both of them:

For "Illusions of Wisdom"


For "ABC's of Self-Realization"


My original book, "Reality in Disguise" was published in 2001 and is sold by amazon.com book sellers,as it is no longer published, other than by myself. You can find it on amazon, though, along with my other two books! Here is the link for all 3 books on amazon:


My fourth book, a children's book, "The Little Boy with the Great Big Eyes" was published on amazon in December 2013 and here is that link:


I am interested in psychology, singing, reading, traveling, Disneyland, music, movies, interior decorating, peer counseling (I've been a motivational speaker, a support group facilitator for abused women and for parents, teaching them parenting skills.) I have also been a crisis counselor and staff person for a personal development/self-awareness seminar.

I LOVE spending time with my grandsons, Adam and Dash.

I hope you enjoy the topics. Thanks so much for reading them!

My motto: You create your universe with your thoughts!

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