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I was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 1969. I had a typically suburban Australian upbringing, having access to the outdoors and nature in a way not totally appreciated until my travels away from home. I was raised in the ocean, spending almost all day every day for 2 months of the summer in the sea, either surfing, training for my club, or swimming. The water, especially salted, remains precious to me. Although, a suburban attitude still informs my approach to many things, even if unconciously. Not quite urban, not quite rural. Having trained as an Architectural Draughtsperson, travel across the USA to the UK and Europe encouraged my return to study Architecture. I completed a degree with honours at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria in 2006 and currently work as an Architect in New Zealand, where I reside with my partner and two children - my partner is from Christchurch and we met in Dublin whilst working overseas. She is a teacher of English as a second language and has a politics degree.

Concurrent to architecture, music and pop culture have always been of interest, particularly film, animation, and music journalism. I also noodle away on my guitar, largely playing pop songs or learning to finger pick country blues tunes - a great way to relax and meditate.

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