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  • For My Fallen Brothers

    For My Fallen Brothers

    10 years ago

    Thing about firefighters: Far and above the professional, aside from the job, firefighters are BROTHERS and SISTERS. We belong to a brotherhood few understand. Yesterday, I lost two brothers.

  • Somebody Asked a Question...

    Somebody Asked a Question...

    10 years ago

    So somebody asked the question, "Should government inspire loyalty, freedom or dependence in citizens?" As you might have guessed, THAT set me off........

  • America's Big Stick: The Convair B-36

    America's Big Stick: The Convair B-36

    10 years ago

    Too late for WWII, obsolete almost from the day she first flew, the B-36 Peacemaker was America's nuclear "big stick" in the early days of the Cold War

  • A Manufactured Crisis

    A Manufactured Crisis

    10 years ago

    Despite claims of the Obama Administration, gun control advocates and others on the left, gun violence has actually DROPPED since 1993...dramatically.

  • On Gay Marriage

    On Gay Marriage

    10 years ago

    I am one of the first Conservatives to argue in favor of allowing same-sex marriages, and I have a sound, solid, CONSERVATIVE foundation for that argument.

  • Remembering the 'Possum

    Remembering the 'Possum

    11 years ago

    A look at the life and music of Country Music legend George Jones, who died today, April 26, 2013 at age 81.

  • How Do You Define

    How Do You Define "Common Sense?"

    11 years ago

    Gun control advocates are running around chanting their mantra, "reasonable, common sense measures." The only problem is, they can't seem to define "reasonable" or "common sense." Why is that?

  • 0

    The Science of Incrementalism

    11 years ago

    Gun control advocates know full well they can't get an outright repeal of the 2nd Amendment without starting a 2nd American Civil War. So they plan to do it incrementally

  • The Hermit Kingdom

    The Hermit Kingdom

    10 years ago

    The second installment in the series examining the crisis in Korea takes a look at North Korea

  • Of Faith and Valor

    Of Faith and Valor

    9 years ago

    More than sixty years after saving the lives of hundreds of soldiers in the dark days of the Korean War, US Army Chaplain (Capt) Emil Kapaun was honored April 11, 2013 with the Medal of Honor.

  • The Forgotten War

    The Forgotten War

    11 years ago

    The first in a series of articles on the situation in Korea. With North Korean nuclear saber-rattling in the headlines, it seems appropriate to visit the subject in detail. First, some history.

  • In Case You Haven't Heard, There's A War On

    In Case You Haven't Heard, There's A War On

    12 years ago

    We are fighting a war here on American soil. There's no sound of gunfire, no bombs, no IED's. Medics aren't treating battlefield wounds, no medals being given out for valor in the face of the enemy. There's no bloodshed. No widespread death and...

  • Is Your Home Fire Safe? Are You Sure?

    Is Your Home Fire Safe? Are You Sure?

    10 years ago

    I originally published this in 2011. The recent death of a close family friend in a house fire prompted me to go back and update it some and put in some new links. PLEASE, read and act on it.

  • Perseverance Personified: Anthony Calvillo

    Perseverance Personified: Anthony Calvillo

    10 years ago

    I'm a football fan. A football fan who got fed up with the NFL years ago. For years now, I've been a fan of the Canadian Football League. First, I like the style of play. There are some interesting twists to the Canadian game. Second, you just...

  • Steve Jobs And Alan Moore

    Steve Jobs And Alan Moore

    12 years ago

    We all know who Steve Jobs is (or was), how many of us on HubPages and elsewhere is he responsible for? As Rush Limbaugh said just moments ago, "This guy changed the world." So many people are weighing in on Jobs' passing, that there is really...


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