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My name is Leslie. I'm a diverse individual with definite opinions on various topics. I have many roles in this thing called life, but my two most favorite roles are as a wife and mother. I have wandered a varied path to where I am today, and because of that along with some natural empathic abilities, I have insight into a multitude of things. I accept people how they are, and to my detriment, I expect people to do the same. I'm learning a lot about myself and others on a constant basis. Since every good writer writes what they know, I attempt to do that in my hubs. I go through periods of being prolific and periods of dormancy. Either way I hope that when you do read, whether all at once, or just here and there, you find something you can take away with you. Please feel free to comment, whether it be positive or negative, I'm willing to listen to what someone thinks.

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