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I would describe myself as Effervescent : )
I'm excited about life, and about what I'm learning. I am really enjoying helping and supporting people who have decided to consciously create their own lives. I have found that I am able to help those who are trying to improve their lives through self development, by sharing my experience and insight.

I believe that whatever a person believes is true for them. This has led me to choose beliefs for myself, that are supportive and productive for me : )I have a passion for providing tools, support and information to parents which help to reduce stress in successful parenting.

My interest in, and excitement about, the Power of the Subconscious Mind led me, early in 2007, to the RDT technology, Paths: www.paths-lifeboost.com

I believe that Every issue can be traced to a root in low self esteem. I've found that the symptoms of low self esteem are often completely unrecognisable as symptoms and are usually mistaken for problems in their own right.

I believe that in almost every society, the ways in which we are raised is geared specifically to lower self esteem and self worth, and to keep it there. I also believe that most of this is unrecognised.

Imagine a whole generation growing up with healthy self esteem and self worth - I see a dramatic reduction in all sorts of problems, including crime, poverty, violence, unemployment and abuse - in individuals and globally.

Because I feel so strongly about this, I've started a website for Self Esteem resources, tools and advice at: http://www.yourselfempowered.com

There you can order free ebooks "The Magic Pill" and "The Second Dose" - which are only about 8 pages each, but detail a simple and effective way of raising Self Esteem; and "10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Child's Behaviour" which contains 10 keys to strengthening the child-parent relationship while helping the parent get results with a minimum of stress and drama - as well as taking into consideration the effects day-to-day discipline has on the adult the child will become.

I hope you find interesting and helpful information in what I've written in my Hubs. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or queries.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

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