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I've been told I should be a jewelry consultant by friends. I've put some of what I've learned from jewelers and appraisers and by shopping for and buying gems and jewelry on HubPages and Google Blogger ( the most complete summary). Don't buy fine jewelry without consulting me or someone else knowledgable.

After working for a year, I've finally put my knowledge and experience into a book that is a download on www.PayLoadz.com (Sept. 2010). Enhanced, Plated, Irradiated and Lab Created: What Jewelry Vendors Don't Want You to Know is full of "insider information", tips and references. I posted a HubPage with the book's name so you all can know the contents of the book.

Dancer's high is what I seek and, frequently get, with Contra Dance. The flow of movement with the musicians, partners and other dancers; the flirting; the opportunities to validate and appreciate the men and women who are moving with you; and the music all make the dance experience.

Photo by Davey (see his web site below) That's me, in bright blue, dancing at San Francisco Contra Dance, first Fridays of each month.

When not dancing, I enjoy working in the yard, nature walks, singing, teaching English as a Second Language, learning, doing my part to help the planet and all that lives on it, jewelry (learning about gems and buying jewelry), and trying to maintain perspecitve while living on a planet which is molton at it's core and spinning out in space in a never ending universe. I just passed my 61st birthday; I feel 16 except for joint pain and forgetfulness.

In the late '60s and early '70s I counseled men on their draft options, lived and worked at the Committee/Community for Non-Violent Action in Voluntown, CT for 2 years, had a weekely radio program of women's music at UCONN as part of the Women's Radio Collective, was one of millions to stop the VietNam war.

Everything we do is political. I know that driving a Prius (mine is a 2002) and particiapting in a few demonstrations is not going to save the U.S. from what the Nixon, Regan, Bush, Cheney, et.al. have done to destroy our country, Iraq and working people, but I do what I can. I feel a lot of hope with Obama in office, in spite of the economic situation. Obama cannot turn the country around alone, he needs all of us to help. Write you representatives about issues, volunteer, join your union, be kind to eachother. This is not a test!

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