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Having pastored three churches over forty-three years, I retired in March,'10. I now pursue a calling that brings together what I do best. Crane Coaching offers interim and supply pastor services, a two-year interactive survey of the Scriptures known as the Covenant Story Seminar and personal life coaching.

As of this update (2/16/12) there are almost 368,000 posts in the category of Religion and Philosophy. Next in line, but 100,000 back, is Politics and Social issues. That's rather daunting. What would I write that hasn't already been written? Well the Scriptures are always true but my personal experience as a Christian and pastor is unique. You'll not find a lot of intellectual argumentation, but rather an attempt to apply God's Word to real life and to make sense of what is confusing.

By the way, for factual data on all things Christian you'll want to follow fellow hubber James A Watkins. Among others, he has an excellent piece titled The New Testament Canon.

You'll find a number of hubs on Revelation, my favorite book of the Bible. No, I'm not a prophecy nut. I do believe that a proper understanding of the last book in the Bible will pull all the rest together, encourage your faithfulness and fill you with hope.

You'll find my hubs to be driven by a passion to help folks understand the Christian faith. I have a special heart for you who have been injured and put off by the organized expressions of that faith: churches, schools, publishing houses, parachurch ministries and such like.

Having suffered a few scars of my own, I've come to distinguish between God's people in general and the various ways we choose to organize ourselves. It is God who calls us to be his people through faith in Jesus. It's people who develop organizations which may or may not promote the gospel.

I try to keep my writing free of lingo that only insiders would understand and also to respond with respect to those who disagree.

Liftandsoar? Like the machine that lifts and the bird that soars this Crane longs to help you with each. We'll both look to the Lord who "renews our strength" and makes us "to mount up with wings like eagles." Isaiah 40:31

PS There's also a Crane toilet. I thought about Liftandsoarandflush. Only for a second!

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  • So God Showed Up

    So God Showed Up

    5 weeks ago

    What does it mean to know God and walk with hm? What does it look like? This is an attempt to demistify what should be a common Christian experience. Ours is to enkjoy constant conscious communion with the Almighty.