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I am an original content text copy writer working out of Stockton, California. I never let my lack extensive formal education hold me back from achieving success. I left school to join the United States Marines at 17 and made sure I completed my GED during my first year there. I set personal goals to educate myself with the help and aid of friends, new acquaintances, and resources available to me. I have taken college level classes to establish working knowledge in areas for interest as a beginning point to researching independently to achieve the broadest spectrum of knowledge I could get. Writing enables me to share what I have learned and my opinion of that information.

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  • Computers: a blessing or a curse

    Computers: a blessing or a curse

    9 years ago

    In many ways computers and their ability to connect to the internet seems to be a tremendous blessing. After all, they allow us to access a tremendous amount of information. We can more easily research almost any topic...