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I am a woman with many passions, discovered and undiscovered, experienced and in the pipeline, common and weird, and I'm proud of it!

For the longest time society told me that I should find the ONE passion in my life that will bring me happiness and endurance. As I found out, one can have more than one true passion, and passions can run out and be created new. No shame.

One of my passions is writing, and even though I decided not to make a living out of it (the idea for a book just hasn't hit me so far), I can use it to talk about my other passions and maybe even help some of you guys out there looking for insights and inspiration.

My most lived passions so far are the study of sleep and consiousness (I used to be a neuroscientist), ballroom dancing (still competing), Japan and everything around it (how I love their culture, their manga literature and above all the hot springs!), Martial Arts, board and video games, classical singing, drawing, Madison Wisconsin .... I'm probably missing the other 100. See what I mean.

If you want to listen to one eye opening Ted Talk about passion in life, I can only recommend the talk by Emilie Wapnick: "Why some of us don't have one true calling".

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