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    Trilobites: Earth's Aquatic Oddities That Survived for 300 Million Years

    3 days ago

    Few animals have existed on the planet as long as trilobites. These strange creatures were once abundant in every part of the world and had evolved into 20,000 diverse species. This article takes an in-depth look at their evolution, expansion, decline, and extinction.

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    The Evolution and Behaviors of Fanged Deer

    46 hours ago

    It may seem difficult to believe, but some deer are best known for having sizable fangs, which tend to be larger than those of most other animals. This article discusses the ancestral origins of fanged deer, as well as the reason why they developed saber teeth and the purpose they serve.

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    Devonian Earth: A World of Giant Sea Scorpions, Deadly Armored Fish, and Early Amphibians

    39 hours ago

    The Devonian Period, also known as the "Age of Fishes," saw the rise of a wide array of bizarre and terrifying fish. Placoderms (armored fish) and giant sea scorpions dominated Earth's oceans, and the first tetrapods moved onto land. Primitive trees emerged too, forming the world's earliest forests.

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    5 Incredible Animal Mummies and What They Have Taught Us

    15 months ago

    Over the past two decades, many exceptional animal mummies have been discovered and studied extensively in an attempt to better understand their lifestyles. Some are so well-preserved that their muscles, skin, stomachs, and brains remain intact. This article covers two dinosaurs and three mammals.

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    Visiting the Basilica of San Clemente: Rome's Famous Time Machine Church

    23 months ago

    The Basilica of San Clemente, often known as the "time machine church," is a must-see for history fanatics. This remarkable temple offers you a chance to explore three layers of history. A tour here begins with the Medieval basilica and ends with an astonishing underground level of Roman buildings!

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    A Guide to Affordable Fossil Collecting

    17 months ago

    Many people believe that fossil collecting is a hobby best suited to those with a high amount of expendable income. However, authentic, high quality fossils can actually be purchased for only $50 or less. This article discusses some of the most affordable fossils and how to make a wise purchase.

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    Touring the Historic Ohio State Reformatory

    24 months ago

    Often called the "castle" by former inmates, the Ohio State Reformatory has a rich history spanning over 100 years. This eerie prison has appeared in numerous television shows, music videos, and movies, including The Shawshank Redemption. It is a popular site for paranormal investigations as well.

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    12 Fascinating Places You Won't Believe Are Real

    2 years ago

    Fascinating and unusual places can be found on every corner of the globe. Some are so bizarre that they look as though they belong to alien planets millions of light years away. This article covers a wide variety of stunning places, from rainbow-striped mountains to vibrant pink lakes.

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    10 Bizarre Beasts That Roamed the Carboniferous Waters

    7 months ago

    The Carboniferous Period is often referred to as the "Golden Age of Sharks." These animals had branched off into many diverse and bizarre groups, becoming the oceans' top predators. 20 foot-long fish terrorized freshwater lakes, and soft-bodied creatures that looked like aliens were abundant too.

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    The Carboniferous Period: When Giant Insects Ruled the Land and Sky

    3 months ago

    The Carboniferous Period is known as the age of giant insects. This article examines some of the largest bugs of this time period. It provides an in-depth analysis of their basic characteristics and feeding habits.


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