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Mary Ann Baker was prayed into exsistence. The details of why and how this miracle occured, were revealed to her at age forty, in what she thought was a casual conversation, while visiting her aging parents. Mary Ann's mother told her all about it, like this:

“You won't remember this, because you weren't around yet, but when your Daddy went to the Korean War, he got the mumps and they went down into his testicles, rendering him sterile. Your Daddy was sad, because he really wanted another baby girl, so I made him go to mass every morning and pray a Novena. As a result, you were conceived, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and born nine months later on September the 12th!”

Not only was this way too much information for Mary Ann, it was an oxymoron, on many levels. It is why she is named “Mary” (after the Virgin) “Ann” (after her Mother) and has the middle name of “Teresa” (after her Mother’s Mother) Later, she choose Bernadette, the Patron Saint of Animals, for a conformation name, owing to why all the homeless animals end up at her front door and why she cannot turn them away.

She wonders if the miracle of her birth, is the reason why she never shuts up and why she thinks everyone has the right to her opinions ( or so she's been told). Just ask her a question on any subject and you will get a throughly researched, well thought out and slightly offbeat response.

During the past forty-four years, she has excelled in various careers simultaneously, including hairdressing, make-up artistry, cosmetic tattooing, business ownership, accounting, ministry, show business, television production, public speaking, teaching, writing and even private detecting.

She has also had many failures in her life including: dating, marriage, avoiding sociopaths, trusting the right people, hanging onto important stuff and keeping her mouth shut when it was prudent! At age 19, she was held at gunpoint and shot in the head! These hiccups in her life, earned her the right, to give everyone her advice on these subjects, or so she thinks. Now 59 years old, her opinion about aging is: "The older you get, the younger you realize you are!"

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