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Hello fello Hubbers! After being here for two weeks, with 13 Hubs under my belt, thought I'd add a "real photo", and add a little more about me. It sure looks like I am going to be a regular member! I love it here.

I really enjoy writing, I seem to have a unique style, one that others seem to enjoy even if I do not proofread as well as I should. Speaking of proofreading, I seem to make the same mistakes, and I am trying to improve. Remembering how to spell, or it's really the ( ) rules, and " "! rules that get me in trouble. And I think I mispelled "remembering".....

I have on son, (13), and one cat, Rose who is about 8 months old. Rose is a psycho cat. Really. She is. My photo is older, but one of my faves. I haven't changed very much, but my son sure has!

I have a wide variety of life experiences that does not happen to 'most' people. That statement is very true. And most of these 'experiences' are in the "I wish I DID NOT have that experience' category. But they have made me wiser, if nothing else. The one experience I have NOT had, that almost every other person my age has experienced is death of a loved one. I am so scared. My time is way overdue. My cat died in January, and my dog died 5 years ago. Both of those were horrible. I just don't want to lose a loved one, but understand it is a part of life.

I look forward to feedback and other responses to my hubs. THERE IS A POLL ON EVERY HUB! At least come participate in the fun polls!

Thanks and let's have fun all!

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