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I'm 30, I have a husband, an ex husband, 9 cats, lots of tattoos. I knit, crochet and spin. I've bought 2 houses and sold one. I've had several bad jobs and one good job. Also, I've had two different kinds of weight loss surgery.

I think all of this means I have at least a small amount of knowledge in a wide variety of subjects.

AND I blogged back before blogging was cool.

Go me.

Right now I'm up for a HubNugget! YAY!

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  • 5 Things to Consider Before You Get a Tattoo

    5 Things to Consider Before You Get a Tattoo

    5 years ago

    Tattoos are a perfectly valid form of self expression. Just make sure you think very carefully about what you get and why. You may think you're an adult, but I promise you: things will look different in 10 years...