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Thanks for dropping by my little hub - guess this is where I get to share some personal info with what may well be perfect strangers. And for those of you whom actually claim to know me, feel free to skip ahead. So for you first-timers, let us not dilly-dally a moment longer - I'm a single, South Bay native, USC grad, proud mother of one married adult son. Dancing, arts & crafts, music and obviously writing are my top passions, but I also love my little rescue pup, Django, love to travel, love weekend getaways, love movies, love to read, love to laugh and smile and have fun, love to watch a good fight. (On occasion, I have a wild side, but don’t get me wrong, I just have my moments). My favorite topics to write about cover a wide territory of human interests. If I could make any amount of money from it, let alone a living at it, well, I would be a one happy lark, that's for sure! Hope this helps me to get there!

I also have a newly-hatched blog called SugarSandbox at https://sugarsandbox.wordpress.com.

Here's to our mutual success - cheers! ~ L.

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